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A Moving Checklist to Make Your Move Less Stressful

While getting close to the date of the move after the long home buying process, the last thing you want is more stress, exhaustion, fatigue, and disappointment. Access Homes suggests that you prepare for a smart move in advance that leaves you enthusiastic and excited as you set foot in your dream home. Figure out things to do to make the move easy and less stressful on your family and yourself. 

A) Keep in mind to send your new address to: 

  • Your Family and friends
  • Your employer
  • The Post office
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • IRS
  • Utility companies - when switching utilities allow an overlap in case of delay. The companies will include water, electric, telephone, DSL or Internet cable, and the TV cable companies.
  • Doctors, dentists, optometrist and your vet
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Organizations of which you are a member 

B) Arrange a date and time with your moving company.

C) Estimate all the items and any additional services that you may need.

D) Confirm before signing the bill that all the boxes are labeled and you've reviewed the list.

E) For the purpose of damage claims, capture images of valuable items before the move,  just in case you need to provide proof to the insurance company.

F) Don’t forget to organize your belongings for convenience when unpacking (if you use professional packers).

G) If you are going to pack yourself, put together a list of packing materials and the number of boxes. Make sure to have them in advance to prevent a last minute rush.

H) Make sure to label the boxes clearly to readily identify them after the move. It’s better to include the room and the type of contents named in the box, for example, "Library/Books" or "David’s room/toys."

I) A list of emergency phone numbers should be made in case you need help. You can also add these numbers to your cell phone contact list and inform these contacts in advance that you may need their help.

J) Make a box for all the items you need on the first day of your move. Make sure to carry this box with you and load it last, so that you can unload it first. A number of the items that you may need to put in this box include:

Medicines/First aid kit


Light bulbs



Blankets and Pillows

Paper plates


Pots and Pans


Drinks (Water, Tea, Coffee, Milk)

Forks & Spoons

Paper Towels




Few clothes

Trash Bags