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There's no place like Access Homes!
Access Homes

Access Homes is a boutique residential real estate and appraisal agency that takes the hassle out of buying or selling a home. We specialize in single-family homes, condominiums, and 2-4 unit buildings. We have the same access to properties as the large agencies, but at Access Homes, we don't treat our clients like numbers -- we attend to them with a personal touch.

Max Mendoza is both a licensed Realtor and Appraiser -- a very rare combination that provides you with the best of both worlds. Because he is very experienced at assessing true market values on the appraisal side, he also knows what to list a home at for sale or what to offer in order to get a contracted accepted.

With an extensive knowledge of local markets all around the San Francisco Bay Area, we can assist you wherever you are looking to buy, sell, or get an appraisal of your home.

Both Max Mendoza and Laurence Nathanson have owned multiple homes inlcuding investment properties, so we know what it is like to be in the shoes of a homeowner wanting to sell or someone wanting to buy a new San Francisco home for sale.

To us, there is nothing more satisfying than a happy client. Whether it is helping them to sell their property for the best price, or delivering the keys to their dream home, we strive to make the process easy and stress free.

We promise you that we will take the complication out of buying or selling a home!